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Bartending Broadcaster Earns Team Member of the Year

April 29, 2015

By: Darden Restaurants,

Bartending Broadcaster Earns Team Member of the Year

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Lauren Gambino was recently honored as 'Bahama Breeze's Team Member of the Year! The blog post shares the many reasons why...and she's even a spokesperson for Skechers shoes. We only hire the best!

Lauren Gambino thrives on being busy, which is a terrific trait for a Bahama Breeze bartender.  It’s also one of the reasons why she was recently honored as Bahama Breeze’s Team Member of the Year.

Her enthusiasm, dynamic personality and work ethic are admired by colleagues and adored by guests, who like spending time with Lauren in person … or remotely, as her smiling face often graces the TVs at the Wayne, New Jersey, restaurant’s bar. That’s because Lauren, a six-year Bahama Breeze bartender and aspiring broadcaster, makes regular appearances on the QVC network as a spokesperson for SKECHERS USA shoes.

“The guests just love her, and enjoy watching her on TV,” said Kevin Jerome, general manager of the Bahama Breeze in Wayne. “Lauren balances work well.”

And she has plenty of work to balance!

Lauren has almost as many interests as Bahama Breeze has drink recipes, as a look at her website confirms. In addition to her Bahama Breeze and QVC roles, she often serves as an on-camera host, reporter or spokesperson on National Geographic TV, Brain Fuel TV, Glen Rock TV, The Daily Quirk website and countless other news, lifestyle and entertainment properties.

Lauren joined the Bahama Breeze family while studying journalism and speech communications at Montclair State University and quickly became a valuable asset. According to a fellow bartender, Matthew Fleming, Lauren’s impact is felt by all.

“When she comes into a room, she changes the dynamic because she has such a big personality,” Matthew said. “But she also brings so much more to the table in leadership, friendship, kindness and having that whatever-it-takes attitude.”

Those attributes enabled her to help train bartenders when a new Bahama Breeze opened in Brandon, Florida, and made her a popular choice as Team Member of the Year at her home base in Wayne. “Lauren does what it takes, every time,” added Kevin. “She makes guests feel special, and helps team members anytime.”

Surprised and delighted by the award, Lauren has some advice for others hoping to earn Team Member of the Year accolades.

“Do your best, come to work on time, go above and beyond, and treat people the way you would like to be treated,” she says. “That’s what I do, but I never in a million years thought I was going to be recognized.”

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