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Cooking and Touring

September 18, 2014

By: Malcolm Browne, Culinary Professional, The Capital Grille

Cooking and Touring

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My affinity for making music started when I was young and has continued to evolve as I got older. Like many people in the music industry, I'm currently trying to spread the word about my music and get my big break. Meanwhile, I'm thankful to be a Culinary Professional at The Capital Grille while still being able to pursue my passion.

I started playing drums when I was about 7 years old and never stopped. I took private lessons and then was also in my high school band. When I was 15 years old, I received an amazing opportunity to study under Gordy Knudtson, drummer for the Steve Miller Band. Even though I was younger than most of his students, he agreed to mentor me. I learned a lot about myself, the industry and being a great musician from him.

In 2009, I put out my first record with my band and since have toured nationally, including two trips to Austin for the South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival. The experiences and energy in Austin for the festival were amazing. There were so many bands in attendance, the lineups were back-to-back and venues were packed. Our second trip to Austin was even supported in part by Vitamin Water.

Most recently, I have started a new band called Blinds with a singer/guitarist I played with in a previous band. We’re currently finishing our first record. We’re influenced by bands such as Nirvana, older Kings of Leon, Cold War Kids and Arctic Monkeys. The music genre is a mix of indie rock with singer-songwriter folk rock and a mix of grunge.

I’ve been lucky that while I’m trying to pursue my music career, I’ve been able to maintain a steady and progressing career at The Capital Grille. I started at The Capital Grille in Minneapolis almost ten years ago as a busser. I started learning additional skills and progressed into my current role as a Culinary Professional, working in the kitchen with our head chef, Crystal Morris. My management team has been incredibly supportive and flexible to allow me to follow my dreams. I could not even think about having a music career if it weren’t for the flexibility in scheduling around my gigs. I was even able to take a month off to tour. As I’m trying to build up our band’s fan base and get label representation, I’m grateful to be able to support myself while still being able to focus on my music career thanks to my job at The Capital Grille.

By: Malcolm Browne, Culinary Professional, The Capital Grille

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