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Faces of Olive Garden | Lair Barnes

May 17, 2017

By: Darden Restaurants, Editor

Faces of Olive Garden | Lair Barnes

Meet Lair Barnes, general manager of Olive Garden in Orlando, FL.

Photo Credit: Darden Video

At Olive Garden, our team members serve as the faces of our brand and ambassadors of our core values. They make an impression on every guest who walks through our front doors, delivering great food, an engaging atmosphere and unmatched service. We are strong and successful because of our people, each with diverse talents and backgrounds, who respect each other and enjoy working side by side to serve our guests and communities

Meet one of the Faces of Olive Garden, Lair Barnes, general manager of Olive Garden in Orlando, FL.


In college, Lair Barnes was hired to work as a server at Olive Garden, where she quickly worked her way up to manager and then general manager.

As an Asian-American, Lair never thought she’d work at Italian restaurant, but given Darden’s opportunities, support and guidance, she was able grow her career into something fantastic — general manager of a Darden restaurant. Lair said the diverse work environment at Olive Garden makes the company stronger. To support this, her restaurant celebrates an International Food Day every year for its team members, where everyone prepares and shares food from their native land.

“The team benefits from different cultures by learning where everyone comes from and their backgrounds.” 

About the "Faces of" Series

With the Faces of Olive Garden, each week we introduce a few of our many amazing team members. You’ll hear their stories and learn why they enjoy working in a fun, supportive environment that makes them feel like part of our family.

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