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People, Planet, Plate: 2013 Citizenship Update

December 12, 2013

By: Clarence Otis, Jr., Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

People, Planet, Plate: 2013 Citizenship Update

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Our employees want to work for a company that supports them and their aspirations -- and one they can believe in and be proud to work for. For many -- particularly the Millennials who make up the largest portion of our workforce -- this translates into expectations about not only what Darden does to create a compelling place to work, but also how we give back to communities and conserve natural resources.

Our guests are looking for new experiences and options, and have an expanding definition of fresh, nutritious, high-quality food. Increasingly, they want to know more about the foods they eat. This is true even as many of our guests continue to be financially constrained and demand greater value when they dine with us.

And a broad array of stakeholders expect Darden to create social value by contributing to economic development, investing in local communities, supporting our employees and ensuring the fair treatment of workers throughout our supply chain. They also look to Darden to address the environmental challenges facing our planet today, from declining ocean health and habitat loss to water scarcity and climate change.

To be sure, thriving in this New Era presents challenges -- but we are confident about our ability to meet the challenges and about Darden's future. We believe our company’s strong culture and commitment to citizenship will be key contributors to our success. They will help us continue to attract and retain a committed workforce, expand our appeal to a broader segment of guests and strengthen the resiliency of our supply chain.

In this update report, we provide a brief summary of our citizenship performance and key initiatives in FY2013. We have much to be proud of, including being named to FORTUNE magazine's list of the "100 Best Companies to Work For™" for the third year in a row, launching more nutritionally-balanced children's menus, and making strong progress toward our energy and water efficiency goals. At the same time, we know there's more work to be done to continue to meet and exceed the expectations of our stakeholders -- in short, to be a company that truly matters.

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