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Providing Access to Water

August 20, 2014

By: Denise Erwin, Sales Manager, Seasons 52

Providing Access to Water

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Being a Sales Manager for Seasons 52, I often get to make great community connections, and I have a passion for giving back. Three years ago, one of our guests approached me asking for a donation of our Mini Indulgences desserts for a "Water Party," a fundraiser to help an organization called Charity Water build a well in an area without access to clean water. When I researched Charity Water, I couldn't believe that more than 1 billion people in the world don't have access to life's basic necessity: water!

I decided it was my responsibility to at least try and help with the water crisis and show our community that I care about improving worldwide access to water. I reached out to various restaurants, hotels, wine distributors, and, most importantly, our restaurant team members and management. Along with my daughter and her friends, we all organized and participated in our first Water Party, which raised money for Charity Water projects in developing countries. In one night, we raised $9,000 and awareness about the world water crisis.

My daughter, Tabitha, was in college pursuing medicine and decided to participate with another non-profit organization called Global Brigades, which is the largest student-led global health and sustainable development organization. After her first project working in a mobile clinic in rural Honduras, she fell in love with the organization. She asked me to be part of a hands-on water project as part of Global Brigades. We organized yet another fundraiser and raised $5,000 in a short happy hour. A few months later, we got on a plane and actually participated in the construction of a water system in El Ocote, Honduras. This project will not only bring access to clean water for the community, but also brought awareness of the need for water by talking to community leaders and other influencers. Consequently, we concluded the brigade by setting up another fundraiser for November 15 to continue to make a larger impact and increase access to clean water in Honduras.

I’ve had great successes and been able to create an impact in our local and international communities thanks to a great support network. My friends have helped me promote our events, get donations and also participated in our water parties. My Coral Gables Seasons 52 restaurant team members, especially our Director of Operations Gary Marcoe, Managing Partner Jon Peck and two Seasons 52 employees, Dan Mucerino and Maria Victoria Duque, have always motivated me to keep supporting this cause. Seasons 52 has been a great help. Every year they donate Chef’s Table experiences as silent auction items and Mini Indulgence desserts for all the events we have hosted. I’m proud to have now helped organize four events that have raised more than $29,000.

It is very rewarding knowing that I’ve helped provide a basic necessity to communities worldwide. I work for an amazing company that not only promotes philanthropy and altruism but also gives us the tools to network and raise awareness. As Seasons 52 says, “Let's Share Freshness.”

If you're in the South Florida area, come join us at our next event on November 15 at The Collection in Coral Gables.

By: Denise Erwin, Sales Manager, Seasons 52

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