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The History and Future of Seasons 52's Mini Indulgences

May 29, 2014

By: Chef Clifford Pleau, Executive Chef, Seasons 52

The History and Future of Seasons 52's Mini Indulgences

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For a while, I contemplated how to prepare fresh and delicious desserts that were lighter while still using high-quality ingredients. Finally, someone suggested the idea of making the portion sizes smaller. Almost immediately, I grabbed some shot glasses from our test kitchen and started experimenting with different ideas. I browsed the dessert and bakery sections of a nearby grocery store to see which desserts seemed to be the most depleted, and therefore, the most popular. These ideas paved the way for some of our first Mini Indulgence flavors.

Once I created an assortment of flavors, I placed them all on a tray to present them, just as our servers still do at the end of every meal at Seasons 52. In our restaurants, the tray is brought tableside for guests to select their Mini Indulgences. No Seasons 52 experience is complete without one. The Mini Indulgences, like our Belgian Chocolate S’more or Raspberry Chocolate Chip Cannoli, are prepared fresh daily in each of our restaurants with the best quality, artisanal ingredients.

Many celebrations occur at Seasons 52, so we recognized the need to have a way for families and friends to partake in those celebrations over dessert. One day, I was staying at a hotel and was inspired by a chandelier holding candles hanging in the lobby. I sketched a similar framework on a napkin, but instead of candles, this would hold Mini Indulgences. In just a few days, I had our first celebration tower, which allows us to place on the table a tower of 18 stacked Mini Indulgences for any group celebration.

Our pecan pie Mini Indulgence remains the most popular among our guests, although my favorite is Key Lime Pie. We’ve also had seasonal flavors that our guests get excited about, featuring flavors such as ginger snap, pumpkin and egg nog.

Over time, I continue to focus on how to evolve the Mini Indulgences. We recently announced that we are now creating even more new and exciting offerings for our guests. New flavors will be introduced every six weeks to feature more seasonal offerings and to give guests even more options. Guests can choose among nine different options with an ever-changing selection, so there will always be something new to try. The full assortment of Mini Indulgences can be found at www.Seasons52.com.

I’ve been having a lot of fun experimenting with new flavors and presentation styles in preparation for this next phase of our Mini Indulgences. I’ve been inspired by many artisanal flavors and the beauty of the ingredients when creating our Mini Indulgences, and I’m excited to see them come to life for our guests.

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