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We're All Family Here

February 06, 2014

By: Scott Lebed, General Manager, Olive Garden

We're All Family Here

Pictured: The Toney family shares a holiday meal together at Olive Garden.

Photo Credit: Pictured: The Toney family shares a holiday meal together at Olive Garden.

We hosted the Toney family, which has four sisters that are part of Darden’s family as well. Kayla has worked at my Olive Garden in Queensbury, New York, for almost three years. Her sister Sam also worked for us until she decided to join the Air Force earlier last year. Two more sisters in this family are part of the Red Lobster crew in Queensbury. We heard that Sam was going to be on leave from the Air Force during the holidays and back in town. My management team knew we wanted to do something special to help the family remember their time together.

In December, we treated 12 members of the Toney family with a holiday meal, and our Olive Garden team was so excited to host them. Our team is very family-oriented and we were happy to be part of the Toney family celebration. The family seemed incredibly thankful for both the meal and the time with each other, and we were honored to be able to be part of it.

Not only were we excited to give Kayla, Sam and their family a great holiday memory, but it was also important for us to recognize Sam for her service and the commitment she’s made to our country. Sam is now back at boot camp after her brief leave over the holidays. We know her family is proud of her, and we hope she knows her Olive Garden family is equally proud and somewhere she can always call home.

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