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American Red Cross Annual Disaster Giving Program

We are a proud member of the American Red Cross Annual Disaster Giving Program, which equips the Red Cross with the support they need to immediately respond to individuals and families impacted by disasters anywhere in the United States. This includes basic needs like warm meals, shelter, relief supplies and emotional support as they recover from unforeseen challenges.

The American Red Cross name and logo are used with its permission with no express or implied endorsement.

Darden Dimes

Darden Dimes

Our Darden Dimes emergency assistance fund represents the very best about our culture — team members helping one another in times of need. Since its inception in 1999, this program has played a critical role in providing relief for our team members when disaster strikes. It is also our signature employee giving program and enables team members across our family of restaurants, and at the Restaurant Support Center, to support their fellow co-workers during tough times. Participants can make one-time donations or ongoing contributions of as little as a dime at a time, and while that may seem like small change, these donations make a significant difference thanks to the scale of our team.

More than $38 million donated by team members through Darden Dimes

More than 83,000 grants provided to team members in need of emergency assistance

Darden Dimes is a warm fuzzy that Darden provides to give team members peace of mind that if something terrible happens, Darden is going to be there for you. Not many companies can say that.

Patricia Cousins, Director of Operations, LongHorn Steakhouse

Restaurants Give Back

restaturants giving backOur restaurants are proud to give back, and they are quick to take action to support their communities when it is needed. This comes to life in a variety of ways — providing meals to first responders, making donations to local organizations, volunteering and lending assistance to victims of natural disasters.