Restaurant Supplier Resources

Restaurant Supplier Resources Restaurant Supplier Resources

Already Doing Business with Darden? Current Vendor Steps:

Step 1:

Are you registered in our Vendor Management Portal?

Step 2:

Darden will send you an email invitation to register in Coupa

Step 3:

Get started in Coupa!

  • You will receive an email invitation to register in Coupa. Follow the instructions on the invitation to complete your registration. Once complete, begin your e-invoice set up, and Submit an invoice

Electronic invoicing is available once each restaurant is live on Coupa.

We are currently rolling this system out across all restaurants.

First Time Doing Business with Darden? New Vendor Steps:

Step 1:

Your first invoice will be processed by the restaurant.

  • Drop off your paper invoice to the restaurant where you performed the work (billing contact and email should be on invoice).

Step 2:

You will receive an invitation to our Vendor Management Portal.

  • This portal is where you will update your bank account information and W9.

Step 3:

In the Vendor Management Portal, make sure to include a Coupa contact.

  • A registration invite will be sent to your Coupa contact. Coupa will be where you will submit and process invoices, as well as check on invoice status.