Submit a Blank Invoice

Submit a Blank Invoice Submit a Blank Invoice

On this page we will review how to create a "blank invoice" for purchases made by Darden since restaurant managers will not create purchase orders.

  1. Select the “Invoices” tab from the top of the page and click on the “Create Blank Invoice” button
  2. Enter the Invoice Number and Invoice Date
  3. Upload scanned or PDF copy of the invoice or other documentation that could be used for backup using the Image Scan option
  4. The “Bill From” section will automatically populate based on the addresses you established in your Coupa profile
  5. The “Bill To” address must be set to the Darden location (only one option available)
  6. Very Important: In the Restaurant or Corporate Department field you will need to enter the correct Darden Restaurant that you are doing business with:
    1. This field will direct your invoice to the appropriate restaurant location
    2. It is crucial that you enter this field correctly to be reimbursed in a timely manner.
    3. Failure to send the invoice to the right location could cause delays.

      *Note, if an invoice is disputed because a wrong location is entered, you will not be able to edit the invoice and resubmit. You will need to enter a new invoice to the correct location.

      1. Type the restaurant address, zip code or restaurant number to identify the restaurant you are looking for. The manager you work with will be able to provide their restaurant number
  7. Enter item description and amount
  8. Enter Supplier Part Number — e.g.: SKU #1589_00
  9. Enter Equipment Type, Manufacturer and Serial # for Darden documentation (optional)
  10. Add Shipping and Tax
  11. Add Comments (optional) and Submit