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Conserving and Preserving Resources

A core part of citizenship at Darden is our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our physical footprint – which includes our more than 1,800 restaurants, 10 distribution centers and our corporate headquarters. To help drive performance, in 2009 we established a set of targets to reduce per-restaurant energy and water use by 15% by 2015, and work toward sending zero waste to landfill over time.

We have already exceeded both our water and energy use goals by reducing per restaurant water use by 20% and per restaurant energy use by 15%. A broad range of initiatives – from retrofitting lighting with more efficient bulbs and implementing new energy management systems to deploying water-saving cooking technologies and installing irrigation optimization systems – have enabled us to reach these goals. At the same time, we know there is more work to be done – and we’re committed to doing just that.
Sustainability Goal Progress 2016



Energy & Water Conservation

Our business relies on a number of natural resources, and we want to be the best stewards of those resources that we can be.

Waste Reduction

Effectively minimizing the impact we have within our operations and on the environment enables us to better serve our communities and our guests.